Monday, July 13, 2009

It's been awhile...

Since I've been able to post.
Seeing as China blocked blogger many moons ago.

To update you on my journey thus far:
I finished school on the 24th of June and it was a bunch of crap.
Got some grades and it was not grades I was expecting because I did so much work...
Point is I passed.
I went to Beijing for many days
I'm currently in Taiwan visiting Yu-Wei Tseng!!!! <3333

So I'm going to bed soon cause I'm exhausted.
But here are some pictures of Taiwan.
some of them are kind of crappy and I apologize.

More to come while I'm in Taiwan!! lol.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Locked Out.

Diana got locked out so she asked me to update you all.... here was our conversation:

what do you want to be your message?
on your blog

just sayyy, that I am sad that blogger is blocked in China and I dunno when it will be back on, so now I will be posting pictures on my flickr account
which is..


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Too hot to climb mountains...

Today it was 93 degrees.
It sucked so much. And that was in the MORNING. Ughhh This isn't even the hottest it gets. I now understand why people have sun umbrellas. (Luckily my umbrella doubles as both.)
I was going to go buy a new film camera with Momo today, but my debit card expired. -_-' So I can't get any money until I get my card in the mail. Wamppp.
Then we decided to climb a mountain. Lol. fun times. I took a nap and animated afterward. woooooo excellent!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Night of Mischief

Long day in the studio...

Sooo My friends and I stayed at the studio late...
Alang and I decided to take Xiao Cao home because it's really dark where she lives and it was around 3 in the morning.

However, I brought my camera, and usually there are no people out (except tonight there seemed to be a lot of people going about.)

And we decided to take some pictures. Hahahhahahaa (Pretty much every photo has been taken by Alang tonight, except for the ones that he's in):

Welllll then you know, after Alang and I took Xiao Cao home, we decided to take more pictures...

Ah good times. <3